Ninja Turtle Twist Ties
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    I love zip ties, as you've probably already guessed. I also love duct tape and super glue and all those little oh so simple things in life that are so incredibly useful that you'd be reduced to tears without them. Well, maybe that's just me, and fair enough. But let me just say it's not like your kids are nearly as cute as you think they are: you have your thing and I have mine.

    This site is dedicated (mostly) to zip ties. There's actually more variety and options available in zip ties than most people know, and some awesome things have been done with them: I'm going to reveal the zip tie mysteries within this blog.

    Look around -- I bet you learn something, and just maybe you'll begin to rank zip ties up there with the internet, computers, and the wheel in the highest achievements of humankind.

Ninja Turtle Twist Ties

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Done in Twist Ties

As resident experts on all things twist ties, it was obviously cool for us to see a twist tie art project such as this get such large scale attention recently. And why shouldn’t it? I mean just look at it! It’s all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles done up with colorful twist ties. … Continue reading


How Long Will Zip Ties Last?

Zip ties are a wonderful bit of manufacturing that we use throughout all aspects of our life. As we’ve discussed continually on this blog, whether you decide you need some new zip ties for an art installation, hold a car together, or even use them for (gasp!) practical uses like combining wiring or in an … Continue reading

Cable ties for cards

Cable Ties Keeping Things Together

Browsing through Flickr the other day and I came across this useful way of holding your life together. It’s a picture taken by N6HON depicting a car that MIGHT have been in a little bit of an accident recently. Yet instead of haphazardly zip tying the body of the car back together, or heaven forbid … Continue reading

Wire Cable Ties as an Artistic Medium

If you want to be an artist (or a graffiti artist, as seen above), there’s a whole pile of options when it comes to the medium in which you choose to work. Paint, ink, charcoal, chalk, pencil—the list goes on and on, and that’s just for two-dimensional art. If you want to work in three … Continue reading

Art With a Twist

The twist tie is a simple, utilitarian item. The general public probably doesn’t think of them much beyond keeping their bread bags closed. But, in the right hands, twist ties can become bears, dragons, knights, and so much more. Twist ties are an excellent, economical medium from which to create three-dimensional art, the the twist … Continue reading

In an Unforeseen Pinch? Use Zip Ties!

How many times have we all been there? We’re driving down the road and our hub cap falls off … OK, hopefully not MANY of you have ever been in that scenario. That might be a bit too dangerous for our tastes, but when we came across this picture from Chicane Culture, we were inspired. … Continue reading

Zip Tie Massimal

As far as Zip Tie sculptures go, does this one look like it would be a … “bear” of a project? Maybe it causes you to … “paws” and look at it? Do you dream of this sculpture when you … “hibernate” at night? OK, enough already. Point being, this zip tie sculpture from United … Continue reading

Leaf Zip Ties

Here’s a crazy new zip tie innovation. No, that is not any kind of vegetable you’re looking at. It is instead two-tone zip ties with a pair of plastic leaves on the end of each, just past the ratcheting head. Why do you need zip ties with leaves on them? I have absolutely no idea. … Continue reading

Zip Tie Kitchen Chandelier

Here is a cute new take on the classic zip tie chandelier. We’ve seen a lot of versions of this concept, from elaborate chandeliers to basic lamp shades. This one is clearly designed as a matching accent for some kind of minimalism interior design. Don’t get me wrong — it looks good and while I … Continue reading

Zip Tie Window Display

Zip ties have finally made the move to the world of high fashion, being spotted as a backdrop for a window display on the streets of New York. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long. After all, we already have zip tie dresses — or at least one of them that I’ve found. Interestingly at … Continue reading