Another Zip Tie Chair

Zip tie Sea Urchin Chair

Today in the category of totally awesome things made from zip ties, I present to you another zip tie chair! Unlike the last zip tie chair we saw, this chair uses the zip ties solely for their aesthetic appeal, rather than having a chair actually constructed from zip ties. It looks like they’re using standard … Continue reading

Zip Tie Fashion – Dress Made Out of Zip Ties

Dress made out of zip ties

Zip ties are more than just the most useful thing on life — they are also a trendy and undisputed fashion statement. Exhibit A below: a dress constructed out of zip ties: This dress was created out of zip ties by students of the Pontifica Bolivariana University and is referred to as a “futuristic design.” … Continue reading

Zip Tie Chair

Zip tie and pop can tab chair

Today I have more awesome uses of zip ties for your entertainment and abject awe. I present to you a chair made entirely of soda can tabs and zip ties! This zip tie and can top chair was created by Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos and he calls it the A La Lata Chair (“to the … Continue reading

Releasable Zip Ties

Releasable zip ties

Releasable zip ties are exactly what they sound like: crazy awesome technological advances that let you have a zip tie that you can actually release without having to cut it free. This lets you easily readjust your zip ties, reposition them, or open them up and add more wires to a bundle that you’re securing … Continue reading

Zip Tie Bear

Zip tie bear

Zip ties aren’t just awesome because they’re so useful; they’re also awesome because of the incredible things that some people do with them. Case in point: architecture and design firm D.O.T.S. created a life-sized bear from over 20,000 zip ties: This zip tie bear was created for a 2011 Beaux Arts Ball. According to them … Continue reading