Zip Tie Bear

Zip tie bear

Zip ties aren’t just awesome because they’re so useful; they’re also awesome because of the incredible things that some people do with them. Case in point: architecture and design firm D.O.T.S. created a life-sized bear from over 20,000 zip ties:

Zip tie bear

This zip tie bear was created for a 2011 Beaux Arts Ball. According to them it is a massimal, which they describe as:

Massimals are 1:1 design objects that serve as prototypes to examine how physical form can engage the public realm. These constructs are mass abstractions of animal forms fabricated in systematic fashion from one material. The suggestive forms and their specific arrangement imply docile behavior similar to animals in a petting zoo augmenting the way visitors approach and engage built form.

It’s worth pointing out that “massimals” is a phrase that they just made up. But hey, you make a life-sized bear out of 20,000 zip ties, and you can start making up your own words too. I wonder if this bear is still on display somewhere. It would be tragic to think it got tossed in a dumpster somewhere.

But I suppose it’s probably art, which means someone likely bought it for a few bucks per zip tie.

Zip tie bear assembly


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