Zip Tie Fashion – Dress Made Out of Zip Ties

Dress made out of zip ties

Zip ties are more than just the most useful thing on life — they are also a trendy and undisputed fashion statement. Exhibit A below: a dress constructed out of zip ties:

Dress made out of zip ties

This dress was created out of zip ties by students of the Pontifica Bolivariana University and is referred to as a “futuristic design.” Perhaps in the future zip ties will expand and become clothing as well as useful things that do just about everything else and all clothes will be made out of zip ties (well, and some made from duct tape, of course). Honestly though, I have no idea why they decided to build a dress out of zip ties. Not that I’m complaining. If you ask me this world needs more dresses built of out zip ties.

I think this is something we need to see as a design challenge for the next season of Project Runway: forget easy tasks like making a dress out of newspaper — let’s see what those aspiring designers can do with zip ties!


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