Another Zip Tie Chair

Today in the category of totally awesome things made from zip ties, I present to you another zip tie chair!

Zip tie Sea Urchin Chair

Unlike the last zip tie chair we saw, this chair uses the zip ties solely for their aesthetic appeal, rather than having a chair actually constructed from zip ties. It looks like they’re using standard nylon zip ties and just clustering them to get the anemone look. This is referred to as the Sea Urchin Chair and was made with over 8,000 black zip ties. Naturally they padded the inside of the chair heavily with cushions, because sitting directly on the zip ties would not have been comfortable.

Of course this chair is also apparently designed to be hung from the ceiling, making the installation of the chair a significant challenge in itself. Still, I daresay it’d be worth it as long as you didn’t end up taking down a chunk of the ceiling in your attempts to mount the chair (or sit in it once it was mounted poorly).


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