Zip Tie Lamp Again

Lamp shade made out of zip ties

Another week, another lamp made entirely out of zip ties. Helping secure the zip tie lamp shade in its number one position as best non-standard use of the zip tie is Tara Johnson who posted this great shot up on Pinterest. Alas while the image was uploaded to Pinterest, she did not include any actual … Continue reading

Zip Ties and Tensile Strength

Zip ties

One of the great things about zip ties, other than the myriad of uses people keep finding for them, is the huge variability in zip tie design and function. When it comes to the function end of things, there are a few categories to consider: Zip Tie Size: the length of a zip tie is … Continue reading

More Zip Tie Lamps

It seems pretty clear that one of the favorite non-standard uses of zip ties is to make lamps of one kind or another. This time we’re seeing zip ties used to make a nice little table lamp shade, rather than a giant chandelier. In this case the clever zip tie artist took a clearance lamp … Continue reading

Zip Tie Streets

Zip ties on lamp posts

Today’s delightful use of the zip tie comes from the streets of New York city, where the NY Department of Transportation asked an art group to install these art pieces on the posts of the streets of the city. There are a lot of deep artsy meanings behind the installation, but ultimately it just looks … Continue reading