More Zip Tie Lamps

It seems pretty clear that one of the favorite non-standard uses of zip ties is to make lamps of one kind or another. This time we’re seeing zip ties used to make a nice little table lamp shade, rather than a giant chandelier. In this case the clever zip tie artist took a clearance lamp from Target, stripped off the ugly (and I mean really ugly) fabric from the shade, built a ring of chicken wire, and started tying zip ties.

The zip ties were spray painted the desired color, though I have to think that they could almost as easily have just gone out and bought colored zip ties — they sell them in almost every color after all. But perhaps a very specific color was desired to match the decor or something. I don’t know much about interior decorating, though the more it comes to depend on zip ties, the more I’m likely to learn!

This particular bit of zip tie genius comes from the site Little Glass Box. With any luck the DIY author will leverage this success into more zip tie creations.


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