Zip Tie Art Installation

Zip tie art installation

Okay, we’ve seen some zip tie art before with the awesome zip tie bear — today’s zip tie art is something a bit more abstract. The Hollywood clothing store Sports installed a temporary zip tie art installation in the ceiling of their showroom. This giant floating fuzzy caterpillar of a zip tie monstrostity snakes its … Continue reading

Zip Tie Car Repair

Zip tie car repair

Now here’s some zip tie DIY that I can get behind. You get in a little fender bender, nothing severe but the plastic/fiberglass chunks of the front of your car are all bashed up and hanging loose. Take it to the shop? For a thousand bucks (or more) it will look like new — but … Continue reading

Zip Tie Helios Lamps

I found these pretty crazy awesome looking zip tie lamps over at trendhunter. The artist, Charles Parsons, made them from over 1,200 zip ties secured with nuts and washers, and he named his creation Helios. This is a pretty killer-looking zip tie lamp and I love it to death when the creators include the zip … Continue reading

Zip Tie Snow Tires

Zip ties as winter bike treads

Here is an absolutely awesome use of zip ties: zip tie snow tires. Naturally this is going to work for your car, but for those obsessively avid bikers who enjoy riding their bike in all seasons (a practice I neither understand nor condone, but nevertheless I know several people who do this) you can increase … Continue reading