Zip Tie Snow Tires

Zip ties as winter bike treads

Here is an absolutely awesome use of zip ties: zip tie snow tires. Naturally this is going to work for your car, but for those obsessively avid bikers who enjoy riding their bike in all seasons (a practice I neither understand nor condone, but nevertheless I know several people who do this) you can increase your safety by putting snow tires on your bicycle.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity: just secure a bunch of zip ties securely around the tires of your bike and you now have some small amount of traction in snowy biking conditions. Don’t get me wrong, you hit an icy patch and you’re still going down, but for biking in the snow you’re far better off with them than without.

These particular zip tie winter treads were the brainchild of Fritz Rice of the Dutch Bike Co.


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