Zip Tie Helios Lamps

I found these pretty crazy awesome looking zip tie lamps over at trendhunter. The artist, Charles Parsons, made them from over 1,200 zip ties secured with nuts and washers, and he named his creation Helios. This is a pretty killer-looking zip tie lamp and I love it to death when the creators include the zip tie counts they used to get this stuff made.

What I have to disagree with somewhat is the entire rest of the article at trendhunter. The entire thing talks about these zip tie lamps as being “eco lights’ and “eco friendly” and, I kid you not, this is a quote: “You will never have to worry about using too much energy again with these lights as they already take care of the co-conscious aspect with their production method.”

First of all, let’s be clear: zip ties are awesome and amazing, but they are not eco-friendly. They are made of nylon, which is not easily biodegradable. Secondly… even if they were eco-friendly (and they are not)… how does that mean you never have to worry about your energy consumption again? Because you bought a light?

Sometimes the eco craze drives me batty. I can’t figure out if these people honestly believe some of this junk that they’re spouting (like this “eco-friendly” light) of if it’s just a clever marketing campaign preying on the gullible. It reminds me of when the low-fat food craze started, and a bunch of companies actually jacked up the fat content in their products, just so they could come out with “low-fat” versions, which was just the original product.


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