Zip Tie Art Installation

Zip tie art installation

Zip tie art installation

Okay, we’ve seen some zip tie art before with the awesome zip tie bear — today’s zip tie art is something a bit more abstract. The Hollywood clothing store Sports installed a temporary zip tie art installation in the ceiling of their showroom. This giant floating fuzzy caterpillar of a zip tie monstrostity snakes its way through the ceiling of the store.

Of course, those are my words. The designer describes it in typical art-speak mumbo jumbo: “This design is intended to explore the edge between aggression and elegance through the sensitivity of the material, overall shape, and visual effects.” I tell you, it’s really not that different from corporate buzzword speak: both are completely devoid of content.

But we can overlook the meaningless description and instead agree that it is simply darned cool and agree that more stores should install giant zip tie ceilings.


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