Neon Green Zip Tie Lights

Green zip tie light shade

Today we have another zip tie light creation. This one isn’t as involved and complex as many of the other cool zip tie lights featured here on Zip Tie Guy, but what it lacks in architecture it more than makes up for in bang. This particular light housing is nothing more than several dozen neon … Continue reading

Miniature Zip Ties

As you’re probably well aware, zip ties come in a huge range of sizes. This size differentiation includes not just the length of the zip tie (which controls how large of a diameter you can actually bundle with the tie) but also includes the thickness and tensile strength of the zip tie. Along with the … Continue reading

Zip Tie Christmas Tree

Zip tie Christmas tree

That’s right, it’s a giant Christmas tree made of green bottles and zip ties. Every time you think you’ve seen everything you can do with zip ties, someone does something else — and it’s awesome. This particular project didn’t have any account of the number of zip ties used; however, they say that the tree … Continue reading