Zip Tie Christmas Tree

That’s right, it’s a giant Christmas tree made of green bottles and zip ties. Every time you think you’ve seen everything you can do with zip ties, someone does something else — and it’s awesome.

Zip tie Christmas tree

This particular project didn’t have any account of the number of zip ties used; however, they say that the tree is 13 meters high. In non-scientific terms that the rest of us in the US can understand, that’s about 42 feet high!

One area of this otherwise awesome project that I have to take exception with is they talk about how eco-friendly it is, because they use recycled bottles. I don’t know why we run across this so often with zip tie art, but e everyone is very eager to make eco-friendly things out of found objects, but then they need to use zip ties to hold it all together — thousands and thousands of zip ties. And zip ties are nylon — plastic. They are awesome and endlessly useful, but they are not eco-friendly people.

Still, awesome tree, even if it’s not eco friendly. Now they just need to weave some lights and decorations in there!


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