Miniature Zip Ties

As you’re probably well aware, zip ties come in a huge range of sizes. This size differentiation includes not just the length of the zip tie (which controls how large of a diameter you can actually bundle with the tie) but also includes the thickness and tensile strength of the zip tie.

Along with the heavy duty and giant zip ties, they manufacture miniature zip ties as well. These mini zip ties are what are often used for a lot of the zip tie art pieces that I show here. While some of them — like street art and some of the lamp shades — can be constructed just using standard off-the-shelf nylon zip ties, the intricate design in many of the creations requires the miniature zip ties.

These mini zip ties were originally created to serve the standard cable tie function of bundling wires. The miniature zip ties were perfect for wrapping up wire clusters inside of computers. The small head and thickness lets you get a more flexible zip tie that isn’t too stiff to close tightly. It also solves another problem with larger zip ties, where the head is so large that the zip tie can’t actually close down small enough to hold a few thin computer wires together.

So miniature zip ties are out there, and while you may not find them on the shelf at your home improvement store, you can absolutely order them online or get them at some computer supply stores. If you’re working with very small things it’s well worth grabbing the miniature zip ties rather than resorting to twist ties to get things held together.


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