Neon Green Zip Tie Lights

Green zip tie light shade

Today we have another zip tie light creation. This one isn’t as involved and complex as many of the other cool zip tie lights featured here on Zip Tie Guy, but what it lacks in architecture it more than makes up for in bang.

Green zip tie light shade

This particular light housing is nothing more than several dozen neon green zip ties fastened around the socket. Toss in a nice energy efficient bulb and you instantly have a funky punky looking design. As a standalone light fixture it’s cool, but I imagine if you had a room filled with these, each a different neon color, the effect would be pretty awesome. I could even see these used as light fixtures at hip bars or clubs.

As much as I really love seeing the truly intricate zip tie creations people come up with, sometimes it’s nice to see something simple enough that you could actually imagine doing the work yourself.

Not that you would do the work of course, because you have real lamp shade and need your zip ties for the garden, but still, if you wanted to, you could.


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