Twist Ties vs Zip Ties Death Match

Twist ties

Taking a break from discovering awesome new zip tie stuff on the internet to address a surprisingly common (and annoying, if you’re me) question: why not show twist ties stuff too? The argument goes that, like zip ties, there are all sorts of strange and wonderful things that people do with twist ties. To put … Continue reading

Zip Tie Room Art

Zip tie room art

Okay, this is incredible — and the highest zip tie count of anything yet featured here on ZipTieGuy. This is an entire room turned into an art installation piece by a bunch of interior design students. It is amazing. This awesome photo of the installation was taken by mx2-foto. Let’s take a look at some … Continue reading

Zip Tie Cactus

Zip tie cactus sculpture

That’s right, you heard me right — a zip tie cactus! I love the way the arts & crafts types keep finding new and fantastic ways to use zip ties to make awesome things. This particular creation is by Brian Jewett and is featured on Instructables. This cactus creation is make from an old garden … Continue reading