Zip Tie Cactus

That’s right, you heard me right — a zip tie cactus! I love the way the arts & crafts types keep finding new and fantastic ways to use zip ties to make awesome things. This particular creation is by Brian Jewett and is featured on Instructables.

Zip tie cactus sculpture

This cactus creation is make from an old garden hose held together with standard nylon cable ties. The pattern of the hose and zip ties resembles a cactus, and to finish things off he added some artificial cactus blossoms on the top, which are nothing more than garden hose nozzles.

While this is undeniable awesome, I think he did miss out on some potential bonus points. How sweet would it be if you made this zip tie cactus into a cactus pot that itself held an actual cactus (of the type that the zip tie creation resembles, of course). That would have been worth at least three bonus points, I think.

Nevertheless, this is nothing but sweet, as I think we can both agree.


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