Twist Ties vs Zip Ties Death Match

Twist ties

Twist ties

Taking a break from discovering awesome new zip tie stuff on the internet to address a surprisingly common (and annoying, if you’re me) question: why not show twist ties stuff too? The argument goes that, like zip ties, there are all sorts of strange and wonderful things that people do with twist ties.

To put it bluntly: yes you can do some similar things with twist ties, but they are weaker and less awesome things.

Twist ties are the not-too-bright cousin of zip ties. Where the zip ties are incredibly strong and versatile, twist ties are incredibly weak and not so  versatile. Don’t get me wrong, they have their uses: I don’t want to try to use zip ties to keep by bread shut (though I don’t actually use twist ties for that either: I use those plastic thingys that the bread comes with — they’re faster and more efficient).

In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not sure if there’s anything twist ties do that another object can’t do better. I’m not sure why people actually buy twist ties in the first place. Those little plastic bread tabs are the perfect illustration: no laborious twisting and untwisting between you and a sandwich. Zip ties, on the other hand, do tons and tons of things better than anything else, and often replace expensive or time consuming alternatives with the lovely cheap and fast zip tie solution.

So sure, there might be a bunch of cute arts and crafts things that twist ties are used for, but so too is paint used for a bunch of that. It’s just not special. And I will bet a signed dollar that anything that you make with a twist tie would be at least five points higher on the awesome scale if those twist ties were replaced with zip ties. And you know, deep down inside, that I’m right on this.


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