Leaf Zip Ties

Here’s a crazy new zip tie innovation. No, that is not any kind of vegetable you’re looking at. It is instead two-tone zip ties with a pair of plastic leaves on the end of each, just past the ratcheting head. Why do you need zip ties with leaves on them? I have absolutely no idea. … Continue reading

Zip Tie Kitchen Chandelier

Here is a cute new take on the classic zip tie chandelier. We’ve seen a lot of versions of this concept, from elaborate chandeliers to basic lamp shades. This one is clearly designed as a matching accent for some kind of minimalism interior design. Don’t get me wrong — it looks good and while I … Continue reading

Zip Tie Window Display

Zip ties have finally made the move to the world of high fashion, being spotted as a backdrop for a window display on the streets of New York. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long. After all, we already have zip tie dresses — or at least one of them that I’ve found. Interestingly at … Continue reading