Leaf Zip Ties

Here’s a crazy new zip tie innovation. No, that is not any kind of vegetable you’re looking at. It is instead two-tone zip ties with a pair of plastic leaves on the end of each, just past the ratcheting head. Why do you need zip ties with leaves on them? I have absolutely no idea. Certainly it would make them harder to use, but maybe the idea is to use them specifically for attaching garden fences to posts.

This way the head of the zip tie — which is really the part that stands out — is disguised by fake plastic leaves. Does that make any sense? I mean, you’ve already got a fence up, so it’s not likely you’re fooling anyone into thinking this is something out of nature. Perhaps the concept behind these is much simpler: they’re just cool.

It’s sort of like climbing a mountain. Why put leaves on a zip tie? Because it’s there.


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