Zip Tie Massimal

As far as Zip Tie sculptures go, does this one look like it would be a … “bear” of a project? Maybe it causes you to … “paws” and look at it? Do you dream of this sculpture when you … “hibernate” at night?

OK, enough already. Point being, this zip tie sculpture from United States-based studio Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin (D.O.F.S.) is pretty amazing. It combines over 20,000 zip ties into a shape of what they’re calling a “Massimal.” I’m not quite sure where that animal roams, but to my eyes it looks a lot like a polar bear from the colder parts of the globe.

As spectacular of a site as this sculpture is, it is surprising to find out that it’s nothing more than a bunch of bulk-bought white zip ties, or what people in the industry more commonly call cable ties. If you click on the photo, you can see more of the “Massimal” and how these zip ties were put together to create the lightweight creature. By twisting, tying, cinching, forming, and building, D.O.F.S. was able to create a truly unique piece of artwork out of an everyday product.

Would all of us be able to do something so impressive? Probably not. But the next time you’re locked inside with your kids during a blustery winter day, ask them if they would be interested in creating some zip tie art. Who knows, maybe the final product will end up on display! Or at least the kitchen refrigerator.


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