In an Unforeseen Pinch? Use Zip Ties!

How many times have we all been there? We’re driving down the road and our hub cap falls off … OK, hopefully not MANY of you have ever been in that scenario. That might be a bit too dangerous for our tastes, but when we came across this picture from Chicane Culture, we were inspired. For years, Duct Tape has been listed as the go-to repairing material, fit for any and everything from automotive needs to dresses repair and even homemade bandages! And those are all great, and inspiring MacGyver-esque uses, but why limit ourselves? As the picture shows, having a couple of useful zip ties around may be the difference between life … OR DEATH! … Or at least a shaking hub cap.

So we did a little brainstorming this morning to come up with some other ideas of how you could use items like zip ties, releasable cable ties, and twist ties in your every day life to solve an unforeseen problem. As an editor’s note, we haven’t actually TRIED all of these yet, so we can’t vouch for their success or their safety. This is more so just a way to have some fun in thinking about different ways ties could be used. Here are ours, but we’d love to hear yours as well!

  • Use a zip tie to keep all of your internet and cable cords from making a mess behind your desk
  • Loop zip ties from a high shelf and hang your kitchen utensils from them
  • Temporarily repair a bent or broken chain link fence by zip tying the gap back together
  • Stock up on releasable cable ties in case you need to perform a citizen’s arrest! (But be careful!)
  • Organize your activity or hobby closet by hanging bags of material from releasable cable ties that are big enough to label with a permanent marker
  • Belt too short? Can’t get to the store for a new one? In comes a releasable cable tie to the rescue! Connect through the buckle and a hole on the other end for a temporary fix.
  • Keep the lip of your shoes tied tight if a lace breaks with a trusty twist tie
  • Save the twist ties from your bread loafs, wrap them into a spiral, and let your cat play with them. Be sure they don’t eat them, though
  • No hair binder in sight? Twisty tie! Make sure it’s clean though …

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