Art With a Twist

twist tie art

The twist tie is a simple, utilitarian item. The general public probably doesn’t think of them much beyond keeping their bread bags closed. But, in the right hands, twist ties can become bears, dragons, knights, and so much more.

Twist ties are an excellent, economical medium from which to create three-dimensional art, the the twist tie quilt from the artist above. It’s not hard to see the possibilities inherent in these small, modest devices—each one is pretty much half a stick figure straight from the factory! They’re easy to work with, inexpensive, and their internal wires make perfect armatures for bendable, poseable creations of all kinds. As they’re readily available in a wide range of colors (and are also easily paintable, if need be), the possibilities are all but limitless.

Twist ties can be rolled, bent, twisted (obviously), knotted, braided, or fused together by melting their plastic sleeves (which, of course, only works with plastic twist ties). With a little imagination, a little patience, and a little elbow grease, even an amateur sculptor can turn a bundle of twist ties into a work of art.


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