Wire Cable Ties as an Artistic Medium

cable tie graffiti

If you want to be an artist (or a graffiti artist, as seen above), there’s a whole pile of options when it comes to the medium in which you choose to work. Paint, ink, charcoal, chalk, pencil—the list goes on and on, and that’s just for two-dimensional art. If you want to work in three dimensions, you have just as many options, if not more. Clay, stone, wood, metal—people have even made art literally out of garbage, for Pete’s sake.

One unique medium for creating 3-D art is the wire cable tie. Wire cable ties, also known as zip ties or some variation of “those little plastic zippy guys,” are commonly used to keep cables and wires organized, such as the mess of electronics wires that lead from your cable box, DVD or Blu-Ray player, game console, etc., to your television. Zip ties can be found in a broad spectrum of colors, sizes, lengths, and styles. Some of the more “exotic” styles are designed for a specific purpose, but most function in the same way—one end goes through the other to create a loop, the loop is slid closed until tight, the loop holds until removed.

Wire cable ties are by no means an easy medium to work with when creating art, but art’s not supposed to be easy—if it was easy, everyone would do it. Art is for those who are willing to struggle to see their vision come to life. If you’re looking for a new medium to inspire your creativity, grab a handful of zip ties and get to work!


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