Cable Ties Keeping Things Together

Cable ties for cards

Cable ties for cards

Browsing through Flickr the other day and I came across this useful way of holding your life together. It’s a picture taken by N6HON depicting a car that MIGHT have been in a little bit of an accident recently. Yet instead of haphazardly zip tying the body of the car back together, or heaven forbid using glue to piece Humpty Dumpty together again, this genius used cable ties.

Now, we obviously love cable ties around here. Beaded cable ties, ladder cable ties, releasable cable ties, it doesn’t matter. Used in art, to organize cords, as kinky handcuffs, and yes, even as in-a-pinch auto repair services, cable ties are capable of doing pretty much everything. We continue to scour the web for photos of cool uses of cable ties, and this was an instance where it was no different. What stood out here though was just how technically proficient this cable tie user was. Instead of just lashing together pieces of the car, they went through the trouble of drilling holes into adjacent locations and tying the broken pieces together with cable ties. That’s pretty damn smart. Even better? The colors match! The yellow and pink are highlights to the picture or decal that can barely be seen in the image as well. Pretty awesome.

There is another instance of this on Flickr as well, we recommend checking out. It looks like it’s a different car, but the same individual performing the cable tie surgery. The deft hand is unmistakable! Great work.


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