Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Done in Twist Ties

Ninja Turtle Twist Ties

Ninja Turtle Twist Ties

As resident experts on all things twist ties, it was obviously cool for us to see a twist tie art project such as this get such large scale attention recently. And why shouldn’t it? I mean just look at it! It’s all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles done up with colorful twist ties. And frankly, it’s amazing.

This project comes courtesy of DeviantArt user JustJake54, who put these together and added on to his site. The detail in the Turtles is impressive, but even more so when you consider how much he had to manipulate the different types of twist ties in order for them to represent parts on the turtles. For example, here are a few of our favorite details:

  • The perfect colors for their head bands. The bright purple, blue, red, and orange are EXACT Ninja Turtle colors (from the ’90s cartoon, anyway) and are awesome. You really have to go out of your way to find twist ties in exact colors like that, so kudos to JustJake54.
  • The twist tie twirl at the end of the masks that makes it look like the mask tie off is “floating in the wind” is pretty awesome.
  • The details around the toes?! Love it! Curving the ties around to make the feet look just like perfect Ninja Turtle toes.
  • And check out the specific weapons. Donatello’s bo staff is twisted up tight and straight, Leonardo has his sword done similarly, Raphael’s sais are a little off kiltered but still very impressive, and the fine chain on Michelangelo’s nun-chucks are pretty spot on. Those are some impressive skills using twist ties.

All in all, a very impressive twist tie project. Now, let’s see someone make Shredder and Krang!


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