How Long Will Zip Ties Last?

Zip ties are a wonderful bit of manufacturing that we use throughout all aspects of our life. As we’ve discussed continually on this blog, whether you decide you need some new zip ties for an art installation, hold a car together, or even use them for (gasp!) practical uses like combining wiring or in an … Continue reading

Miniature Zip Ties

As you’re probably well aware, zip ties come in a huge range of sizes. This size differentiation includes not just the length of the zip tie (which controls how large of a diameter you can actually bundle with the tie) but also includes the thickness and tensile strength of the zip tie. Along with the … Continue reading

Zip Ties and Tensile Strength

Zip ties

One of the great things about zip ties, other than the myriad of uses people keep finding for them, is the huge variability in zip tie design and function. When it comes to the function end of things, there are a few categories to consider: Zip Tie Size: the length of a zip tie is … Continue reading

Releasable Zip Ties

Releasable zip ties

Releasable zip ties are exactly what they sound like: crazy awesome technological advances that let you have a zip tie that you can actually release without having to cut it free. This lets you easily readjust your zip ties, reposition them, or open them up and add more wires to a bundle that you’re securing … Continue reading

Beaded Zip Ties / Cable Ties

Beaded cable tie

Beaded cable ties are a distinctly different kind of zip tie from the standard zip ties that we’re used to. The unique design of beaded cable ties make them easily releasable and reusable without damaging the zip tie itself. The downside of beaded cable ties is that they are not nearly as strong as standard … Continue reading

History of the Zip Tie

Zip ties

I would love to tell you about the sordid and shocking history of the zip tie, but the truth is that zip ties have the kind of mundane and predicable history that you would expect from such a necessary and vital tool. The short version, for those who are just browsing to kill some time … Continue reading